I've been living in Michigan for most of my life. I've always been a great driver. Clean record and with no accidents. I was driving in downtown Detroit and a careless driver hesitated while making a left turn across a two lane road when I had the right of way. I ended up rear ending the car. Despite my insurance company proving that I wasn't negligent or at fault in the accident and despite the fact that the other driver paid for the damage my rates still rose in Michigan. My insurance company raised the rates on me. You would think that, especially given that this used to be the auto capital of the World they would have been more fair in their rates. I couldn't afford insurance for several months due to the high rate as I was going through a rough patch financially and it was too high of a premium. Several years later my rate has not changed. I wish Michigan would regulate their auto insurance industry a bit more closely so drivers don't get penalized and have their premiums boosted for no fault of their own.